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Refining the "Boho" Look

Monday, January 9, 2023

What's Boho?

It's a new year, so that means it's time to start thinking about refreshing some of that old home decor. If you're wanting to turn that room around on a budget, it's not a bad idea to consider the "Bohemian" look. This works especially well if you have older, more traditional furniture that you're not ready to part with or replace. 

The Bohemian look originated in the 1800s, primarily with artists in France who valued unique style over a uniform and completed look in their homes. Boho tends to be more eclectic, with a varied mix of styles and a ton of personality. There's no single look or definition, but characteristics include relaxed, carefree, and totally without rules. Colors can range from neutrals to vibrant. Finishes tend to emphasize metals. The greater variety in patterns, the better. While there's typically a good amount of metal, wicker, wood and plush pieces are a great way to soften things. It also never hurts to include tons of throw blankets and pillows in a mix of colors and patterns.

So where should I start?

First things first - decide which room you're wanting to tackle and take stock of what you already have. Working on your dining room? Maybe those old chairs still work great and can just use a coat of paint. If that's the case, then all you'd need to replace is your old table. A great look is accenting more traditional wood chairs with a longer modern metal-legged table. Add some colorful seat cushions and a table runner to liven up the space. A big, colorful patterned rug underneath the set can also add tons of appeal to the room. 

Now let's flip it - love your table, but the chairs have seen better days? Now's the perfect opportunity to mix things up with new chairs and a bench! Wichita Furniture carries tons of options for both. Just come in with your table measurements and we'll find the perfect fit.

Other things to consider

1. The architectural style of your home. Live in a home built in the 20s in College Hill? It might be best to be mindful not to go too modern with the new pieces. Mid-century modern can look great, but contemporary can be a clash with the rest of your home.

2. Which style or color you want to dominate. While boho can be eclectic, it's not a bad idea to run with a theme. If you're keeping a lot of traditional furniture, it might not hurt to lean toward that style with future furniture you purchase.

3. Use new art, rugs, lights, throws and pillows to balance the room.

4. Place your furniture strategically so that there's a well-rounded mix of styles throughout the room.


And most of all - have fun! Boho is all about creative expression, and there's no one right way to do it. Play with color, furniture style, accent decor, and throw in some nick-nacks and vacation souveniers to liven up the space. Wichita Furniture carries a massive selection of accent pieces to to help tie that eclectic mix together. When you stop by the store, feel free to come in with pictures of what's already in the room, and our design experts can help make that creative vision a reality.

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