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Outdoor Fall Decorating for All

Friday, October 14, 2022

No matter what that cousin from California says, one of the best parts about living in Kansas is getting to experience our oftentimes wild seasonal changes. Even though it may not feel quite like fall yet, leaves are starting to drop, grass is browning, and I'm leaving the house with a light jacket most mornings... But the most obvious sign that we're out of summer is the annual resurgence of the pumpkin. Wichita has a myriad of pumpkin and gourd farms on the outskirts of town, and those can be one of the best places to start the journey of refreshing your home for the perfect autumn feel. Colors like gold, orange, and natural tones of leather and wood help to bring the vibes of the great outdoors inside. Decorating for Halloween is always a blast, but some decor choices can last through Thanksgiving and even later if chosen with longevity and versatility in mind.

The easiest place to start is with the outtermost parts of your home, and finding ways to bring the changing foliage closer to the front door. Instead of sticking with bright green and vibrant plants, pastel-colored mums with small bales of straw and wicker baskets help provide a more refined feel. You can never go wrong with some dried corn cobs and artficial pumpkins (feel free to use real pumpkins too, just be prepared to swap them out if/when they start rotting).

If you have any outdoor seating arrangements, autumn-themed throw pillows and outdoor blankets can make a stunning statement. Stick with fall colors and patterns here - gold and orange leaves, forest green and orange plaids, neutral white woods, etc. Spruce things up a bit too with bundles of dried corn stocks and twigs. Bring it all together with a touch of light from outdoor lanterns!

But above all else, make sure that whatever decor you choose is something that YOU like. After all, decorating is fun! At least... we think so!

Looking for a little more inspiration or interested in speaking with one of our design experts? Stop by Wichita Furniture & Mattress today!

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