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Entertaining in Small Spaces

Friday, October 14, 2022

One of the best parts of living in Wichita - and Kansas in general - is the amount of space we have! But not everyone lives in a sprawling 5,000 sq. ft. ranch home. For those of us that live in older homes closer to downtown, or in apartments, the segmented nature of a lot of spaces in Wichita can be tricky to furnish and decorate. This means that it can also be tough to welcome friends and family if you're short on seats and table space. Wondering how you can possibly fit all of your friends in your living room for the big game? All of your family for your new baby? Don't worry! Wichita Furniture is here to help maximize that room.


Planning to entertain

One of the easiest ways to maximize space is to start thinking up, not out. The walls of your room are prime real estate to get stuff up off of the floor and tables. Add wall-mounted shelves to store books and nick-nacks. Use a coat rack and shoe rack to clear out some closet space. Take a look around the room and identify clutter that you don't use on a daily basis. All of that stuff can really start to compress a room and clearing out unnecessary decor can really help to make a room feel more open. If you're hosting more than a couple of friends it's also a good idea to make sure there's space in other rooms for guests to spread out and talk. Run through any other rooms that might be used and focus again on those rare-used clutter items.


Furniture selection

It's important to be mindful of your space when selecting furniture for your new home. While we all love a huge comfy reclining loveseat, will that take up too much room? It might be a good idea to consider a more modern sofa and loveseat set. Something with narrower arms and back cushions with fitted instead of overfilled pillows can make more of a difference than you think! Hosting a party without a meal? Take a look at getting a table with a removeable leaf so there's more room to stand around the table for snacks. 


Arranging furniture for entertaining

While we generally think that it's best to push furniture as far back against the walls as possible to maximize standing room, that might not always be the best solution. Consider traffic flow through the room based on the amount of space you have. Worried that guests might congregate in the middle of the living room and block access to the dining room or kitchen? Pull the sofa out away from the wall so that guests can walk behind it to get from room to room. Plus, if people will be hanging out on the couch, it's best to keep seating close to create a more intimate space. That'll save people from needing to lean in to keep up with the conversation. Think about other items that can be used for seating too... Have an extra coffee or end table that's sturdy enough to sit on? Throw a decorative pillow on it or the floor to make an extra seat.

Next, think about traffic flow for food and drinks. Try to keep both separated if you can to prevent traffic jams. If all of the snacks and beverages are on one table you could end up with crowding and guests will tend to congregate wherever they can find refreshments. Try not to overdo it on choices either. Chances are that you'll end up with a bunch of barely-touched food, and each choice takes up more space on the table. Keep some backup food in the fridge, and bring out more when what you've served starts to get low. Need more space for mixers or sodas? Throw some ice in the sink and use it as a cooler!


Watching the game or a movie?

While this requires a dedicated room, it's still super easy to set up your very own home theater. With the theater-oriented seating we carry, you can give your guests the big theater feel without breaking the bank. Power reclining sofas with built-in cup holders and wireless chargers are perfect! Don't have space for a large TV stand or entertainment center? Wall-mounting your TV or looking into a ceiling-mounted projector can free up a ton of space, and helps lend even more to the theater feel.


If you're in one of Wichita's smaller spaces, don't worry! It's still totally possible to enjoy entertaining friends and family without feeling cramped or breaking the bank. Stop by Wichita Furniture today and let one of our Design Experts help lay out the perfect space!

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